An Exuberantly Carved Mahogany Classical Sofa, Salem, c.1815-1825 Attributed to Samuel McIntire Circle

We have handled perhaps a half dozen of these models and in the three we can illustrate, one can see stylistically, the arch of the back is rather flat, in comparison to the other two.   Also, note the development in the panels above the front legs, and compare the other models. Also, the treatment in the panel at the base of the sofa. 

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So, if there is a Good/Better/Best for the sake of connoisseurship, in these illustrated 3 sofas we have handled, this model is a masterpiece in that Salem world, and one of the other two has a most interesting Chinese dragon's paw instead of the classic saber front leg. 

Heght: 36 in.  Length: 82 in.

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