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A Grand Federal/Sheraton Mahogany 4-Poster Bed, Salem, MA, c.1820-30, circle of Samuel McIntire

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This is a grand mahogany tall post bed with a fully developed canopy framed in mahogany.  Many of these beds were not made with elaborate canopies as such; this was an expensive option.  This bed has had the canopy set up to accept a valance attached by velcro so installation is quite easy.  Nevertheless, this bed is just as good looking without the fabric canopy and makes for an elaborate bed due to the outstanding fully developed posts.   The spiral turnings are somewhat later in the period (1830) than the usual reeded columns;  see item sw01612 for an example of such in our collection.  Another spiraled example with a plain tester we previously owned can be seen here (item sw00623).  The backboard and rear posts are uncarved, which is expected.
Of note is that the spiral turnings on the main front columns run in opposite directions.  Salem is noted for its carved furniture and the deep acanthus leafage is a typical and very popular element used in Salem furniture production.  These beds (including the two mentioned above), all relate to Samuel McIntire and the grouping of furniture makers who defined Massachusetts' Sheraton style.

The posts are very heavy and are composed of dense Cuban mahogany.   There's a lot of solid lumber in these Salem beds!  It has been set up with angle irons to accept a drop-in box spring and mattress.  The inside dimensions for a mattress are:   68 1/2 in. x 51 1/2 in., which is nearly a standard "full size" mattress.   The largest custom mattress for this bed could measure 71 3/4" x 58".  Custom mattresses and box springs are readily available and we can make arrangements for this service.

This bed certainly makes the bedroom a regal place to rest one's soul.

Height: 92 1/4 in.  Width: 58 in.  Length: 75 3/4 in. 
(With tester elements, Overall Width: 63 in., Overall Length: 77 1/2 in.)
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