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A Grand and Spectacular Renaissance Revival Display Cabinet, Marquetry Inlaid Walnut, Pottier & Stymus, New York, c.1870

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Announcement!  This item will be available at auction from Neal Auction Company on January 26th, 2019.  Preview exhibition is currently underway.  Click here to see our listings at

This large casepiece is a piece de resistance of great cabinetmaker's skill.  New York was the center of shops such as Pottier & Stymus, and Herter Brothers, that catered to the new wealth and their mansions in Manhattan, and Newport, RI.  A piece such as this would probably have been in one of J.P. Morgan’s salons.   Note the display capabilities.  It’s as beautiful open as it is closed; finished in every dimension.   Above the doors are two shallow drawers below a hinged slide-out display board, below a medial cornice that hinges open to offer another display surface, making this a very impressively complicated case.  Behind the two doors is an open space that accommodates a single shelf.  (Probably once used to hide a TV screen.) 

Note the quality of the inlaid figured walnut.  This piece has been brought to a very high French polish, and makes an elegant and very substantial statement.   The condition is superb. 

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Height: 48 in. Width: 50 in. Depth: 50 in.

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