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A Grand Mahogany Classical Sideboard, New York, c.1810

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Announcement!  This item will be available at auction from Neal Auction Company on January 26th, 2019.  Preview exhibition is currently underway.  Click here to see our listings at

This form represents the classical sideboard built for grand dining rooms in the first 1st quarter of the 19th century.  This particular sideboard, we were surprised, was in “like new” unused condition.   Sideboards are generally used for service and show an amount of wear and tear over the years.  We have French polished this piece, and the mahogany is magnificent, beautifully striped, bookmatched, etc.   Note, even the legs (which are generally plain) are reeded on this example and terminate in the kind of classical brass ball feet we find coming out of New York during this period.  (See our tables #sw00294, & #sw01167.)

This is a large scale piece, however, with the midsection drawn tightly up to the middle drawer, providing an openness of feeling to a piece which would otherwise be seen as rather cumbersome.   Also note, nothing was spared, as both sides have pull-out slides for glasses, candles, etc.

Height:  54 1/2 in.  Depth: 24 in.  Width: 77 in.
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