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A Fine Replica of the Daniel Quare Hanging/Standing Barometer, 19th century

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This is a finely crafted piece composed of the best walnut.  These replicas surface from time to time, and all details are finely executed in this example.  The carving along the neck is first rate, with a large conical section of deep, fluted reeds above a conical spiral urn.  All is placed on a richly molded plinth containing the mercury well.

Four hinged brass feet are attached to a single plate, allowing them to fold back in position for hanging as well as folding out for standing. The plate also holds the adjusting screw-knob for setting and ‘parking’ the mercury.

The craftsmanship and material employed here are a fitting tribute to the 18th century original patented by Daniel Quare of London.  With 2 centuries of age, (and no repairs or alterations) this example has become a legitimate antique in its own right.

(while standing) Height: 40 in.  Width: 9 1/2 in.  Depth: 9 1/2 in.
(while hanging) Height: 42 in. Width: 3 in. Depth: 3 in.
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