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A Sunburst Carved Rosewood Indian Colonial Secretary, c.1840

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Announcement!  This item will be available at auction from Neal Auction Company on January 26th, 2019.  Preview exhibition is currently underway.  Click here to see our listings at

This secretary is crafted from rich, dense rosewood exhibiting the fluted sunburst motif and gadrooned edging.  The carving in the upper case is of the finest quality.   Note the very deep and detailed vine motif surrounding the glazed openings, which are banded in brass, and the cornice moulding, which is a standout and fully developed.

When closed, this secretary is quite striking with all the sunburst panels which retain all of the original brass.  The interior writing surface also retains its original velvet which can be changed if so desired.  This piece is in pristine condition with no repairs or alterations.  It even retains its original wavy glass.

A special mention should be made of the hidden drawers, two of which are hidden behind panels flanking the central prospect door.  A secret sliding panel unlocks the drawers, which can be pulled out after the central slide drawer is removed.

As an aside, this secretary relates to the grouping of Eastern Colonial Furniture on exhibit at the Boston MFA in Made in the Americas: The New World Discovers Asia.  We feel these pieces, over time, will greatly appreciate in value, as things of Eastern Origin become of greater importance in the developing countries, China notwithstanding.   Historically, these pieces were created in the old port cities along the pacific rim, down through India.

Height: 77 1/4 in.
Width: 43 1/4 in.
Depth: 18 in.

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