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A Fine Pair of Mahogany Chippendale Interior Doors with Original Paktong Hardware, c.1770-80

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This is a pair of large and very heavy doors which are paneled on both sides. They are 2 ¼ in. thick and require two men to lift and move.  These doors are crafted like furniture and are through-tenoned (see detail) literally to last for life.  The panels are beautifully figured mahogany with egg and dart molding around. 

These were fitted for later hinges, which we have, and the door handles on both are original Paktong hardware, which is an alloy of zinc, copper, and nickel developed in China and much reproduced in the West as it closely resembles silver.  These doors obviously came from and/or were part of a great room.  They make a magnificent statement.   Note that one of the doors is sunbleached on both sides, (which can be rectified with staining, although it is beautiful as is).  Acquiring these is a rare opportunity as doors of this type and scale never come around. 

Height: 81 in. Width: 41 ½ in. Depth: 2 ¼ in.
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