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A Monumental Inlaid Mahogany Edwardian Tall Case Clock Chime Clock, England, c.1900

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This clock is a tour de force with fabulous inlay throughout.  The base is its own composition with vase.  The mid-case door showcases inlaid flowers, harvest products, etc. on a beautifully striped mahogany surface as does the pagoda top and lower case.  It doesn’t get any better.  Nothing is left out, including banding on the case door and fans on each corner of the base.  The columns are stop fluted and the capitals are gilt brass (see detail).  Note the side of the bonnet with finely developed open fretwork.  

If the case were not enough, the dial measures up to its quality.   Note the engine turned dial.   The movement has eight bells, plus a gong.  It makes a beautiful musical statement on the quarter hour, etc.  

This clock is quite tall and monumental in all aspects.   It is the best of its kind, coming out at the turn of the century.  We are proud to offer it. 

Height: 109 in.  Width: 22 1/4 in.  Depth: 13 1/2 in.
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