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A Monumental Pedestal Classical Mahogany Dining Room Table, Philadelphia, possibly Anthony Quervelle, c.1830

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This is a large scale table, which can be used in a variety of forms.  Together, it makes a large scale pedestal dining table; apart, the two component table can function as square tables either alone or together, or as matched pair of pier tables.  The column is probably unique, with a most elaborate carving of a basket supported by its own delicate paw feet containing floral embellishments and possibly a pineapple at the top.  It is a tour de force, and the best of the best.  The top is composed of solid, highly figured mahogany single boards.  These leaves came from enormous coastal Caribbean trees no longer available as these were first growth, and long since gone.  The are very dense and heavy.

This table is a masterpiece, and its pedestal design makes it a most useful and comfortable dining room table.

Height: 29 1/4 in. Width: 48 in.
Length: 106 in.  - 50 in.