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A Federal / Classical Lyre form Banjo Clock, Boston, c.1810

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What draws us to this lyre clock is its original glass which is prominently crafted to its largest size.  The other lyre model has a smaller lyre that sits on a rectangular box.   All the paint is original and untouched.  We have brightened up the original gilt and waxed the original surface.  The only change is we had the face finely restored and antiqued.  The finial is original.   There is no maker’s name, but the form of the case and other examples, which are attached, put this in the Boston school of Willard, Sawin, etc.  A closely related and also unsigned Boston lyre banjo clock is illustrated in American Banjo Clocks, Steven P. Petrucelli and Kenneth A. Sposato (Figs. 197-199, see scan below).

Again, it’s the original reverse painted glass that stands out as a rare find on this form of clock, and the carving on the lyre is beautifully executed.

Height: 37 in. Width: 11 1/4 in. Depth: 5 in.