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A Rare Classical Mahogany Breakfast Table with Carved Pedestal, Phyfe School, New York, c.1810

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We have a number of breakfast tables that tilt up and all retain a similar pull up catch; however, this is the first of a New York Phyfe style we have seen.   The urn is beautifully carved, as is the acanthus at the knee of each leg followed by reeding, which is finished with a brass paw foot.   The top is a single board of beautiful mahogany that has retained a flat surface due to the bracing underneath, (see detail). 
This table relates to the more common Phyfe drop leaf tables, (see  sw01912); it is a rarity and quite large in size.  It is in perfect condition with no repairs or alterations whatsoever.  We have French polished the top. 

Height: 29 1/4 in.  Width: 31 3/4 in. Length: 60 1/2 in.