An Exceptional Classical Mahogany Tall Post Wide Custom Queen Size Bed, c.1840

This is a striking classical bed that makes a bold statement with it’s linear spiral posts and peaked headboard with striking mahogany panels.  A wide bed of this period is rare; whereas these beds are usually much smaller in size, this bed accommodates a mattress of “76 ½” x “65 ½”, which is practically a Queen size (i.e. it wider but not as long).   We have a very good manufacturer that will custom make mattresses to size. 
The headboard is composed of finely figured solid mahogany of substantial thickness, including two large raised panel boards.  Interestingly, the headboard clips to the post in an unusual, but well conceived way.  (See detailed images of brass linking attachments.)  Also note the bottom of the posts are set in brass cups.
At the time this bed was made, the tall post bed was less frequently seen as there was less need for a canopy, compared to earlier eras.  The bed is in perfect condition with no repairs or alterations and is fitted with steel brackets to accommodate a mattress system.

Height: 100 3/4 in.   Width: 65 1/2 in.  Depth: 82 3/4 in.

sw01940 - $20,000