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A Very Fine Mahogany Chippendale Clock with Silvered Face by James Jacks, New York, c.1780

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This tall clock is composed of solid, dense ribbon grain mahogany.  The panel door and base panel are truly dramatic and bring a vitality to this clock which is supported visually by fluted corner moldings with capitals that are the largest we've seen.  They still retain their original gilt.  The same is true of the stop-fluted columns on the clock's hood.  The feet are original, as is, we believe, the finial.   

We have no doubts about the originality of the works to the case, as it retains one original adjustment spacer.  This shows the original nails that pierce through the saddle onto the case sides, which have broken out at one point and all the oxidation is consistent.  Wood analysis concludes that this case is composed of red oak and white pine, indicating American origin.

Silver-faced clocks are highly desirable, and this one is engraved on all open surfaces.  We have not polished the face, but can do so if required.  This clock has a rich and commanding presence. 

Brown University owns a clock that has a very similar silver dial and is signed “Lane & Jack”, which may be a collaboration by James Jacks. (see scan below from Timeless: Masterpiece American Brass Dial Clocks, Frank L. Hohmann III, p.181).

Height: 96 in. Width: 21 in. Depth: 12 in.
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