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A Mahogany Queen Anne Corner Chair with Horseshoe Seat Boston, c.1770

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This chair, which retains its original surface, which has been waxed over time, is a desirable form for the corner chair.    The usual form is that of a square seat (see item sw01872).    Often, these chairs are of maple and, whereas walnut was the preferred wood in the Queen Anne era, this chair uses mahogany, which was becoming fashionable, and walnut, probably less available.   This wood is probably the Caribbean wood being imported into England at this time.  It is a heavy wood and first growth, no longer available. 

Stylistically, the splats are somewhat unusual and the chair is in excellent condition; all parts are original except the seat frame, which is often missing and in most cases unusable due to repeated recoverings.

Height: 31 in. Seat Height: 17 1/2 in.
Width: 26 3/4 in. Depth: 24 in.
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