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A Walnut Upholstered Queen Anne Daybed, Massachusetts, c.1760-80

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Unlike many daybeds that are caned this daybed was originally webbed like the cushion of a couch.  We have rewebbed it in its entirety, and covered it in a historically correct fabric.  (See attached, where the cross bracing is similar to the a sofa.)  Sack (the foremost antique firm) shows an almost identical example and comments on what makes this piece most interesting, which is the use of stretchers that are the same as those used on a single chair so that it fits very nicely with single chairs en suite.  Walnut is a good early wood and this piece is in superb condition, retaining, in all likelihood, its original chain, which is adjustable, bringing the back straight up or down as desired.  The splat is a large wide full slab of walnut.

Height: 36 1/2 in.  Width: 24 in.  Length: 68 in.