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A Rare Diminutive Maple Queen Anne Lady’s / Child’s Desk on Frame, Salem, Massachusetts, c.1760

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Whether a lady’s desk or a child’s desk, what it is is an early diminutive desk based on the design of a frame receiving a small desk.  The form in the upper knee of the carved Queen Anne leg is quintessential Salem.  The skirt is of beautifully Queen Anne design seen on many case pieces of the period.  Condition is excellent; no breaks or alterations with the exception of the following: 2 of the 3 interior drawers being old exact copies of the original single; restored valances which are generally missing in many desks due to their fragility.  The brasses are antique period replacements and are what this desk probably had.

The size of this desk makes it a very useful piece not taking up too much room.  With the lid open, maybe even a nightstand.   And that’s why these are very desireable, in addition to scarcity.   Attached please find related desks in Albert Sack’s Good, Better, Best.   They have handled a number of these through the years.

Height: 40 1/4 in. Depth: 17 in. Width: 26 in.
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