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Catalog Number: sw01871

A Rare Pair of Mahogany Federal/Sheraton Footstools, probably Massachusetts, c.1810/20

Pairs of footstools seldom appear. This pair retains its original surface, and is of the best quality we have seen in the Sheraton form. We have not upholstered this piece to show the validity of its age and construction. Originally, they were overupholstered, with fabric tacked to the frame. For display purposes, we have built a removable wooden box to slip down over the frame, and had it reupholstered so one can either retain it, or reupholster the frame directly, as it was originally.

These footstools have good height and the reeding is especially well done. The product is of a good shop, using the best dense mahogany. It is for the collector who wants the absolute best in untouched condition…a true rarity.

(With the fabric covers, the dimensions are… Height: 16″ Depth: 12″ Width: 15″)


Height: 15 in.
Width: 13 in.
Depth: 10 in.

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