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A Diminutive Chippendale Style Mahogany Block Front Chest, with Claw and Ball Feet, late 19th or early 20th century

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This chest is of very desirable size, 32 inches wide, and has the best of the block front forms with arched flanking blocks.  From every standpoint, except being of the 18th century, this example is a standout.  The form is exactly right, the surface old, and the wood antique.  The brasses are heavy period replicas…only the screws that hold them are modern.  Construction details reveal it was made some time ago, by someone with knowledge and access to the proper materials…note the drawer sides, bottom, and back of case all use period wood.  However, expert analysis reveals that the construction process was relatively recent…and we cannot represent it as a “period original”.    But, at 1/5 of the price of a period one, this is a wonderful piece to live with.

Regarding its form, note the high lift to the case.   The feet are beautifully worked and its craftsman must have been intimately involved with having access to a period example.

Height: 32 in.   Depth: 20 1/2 in.  Case Width: 31 1/2 in.   Overall Width: 32 1/2 in. 
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