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A Magnificent Giltwood Figural Mirror, English, 1st quarter, 18th century

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This is a commanding mirror of the first order.  In many ways, one has to think of this as a painting, as it’s a sculptural work of art that would complement a sumptuous decore.   Its gilt is all original and the carving is a tour de force.    Note images below, showing the attention to detail in every aspect.   The figural element on this mirror is rare and the composition of scrollwork and arching is the work of a master.    The embossed work is evident alongside the carved floral elements on the outside border of the frame (see below). 

The glass, which is probably original, has an old, oxidized surface, and is beveled.   The backboards are all intact.

This mirror is a treasure, and to think it probably dates from 1740 is remarkable.  No doubt, it hung on walls untouched for many years.

Height: 41 in.
Width: 23 in.