A Rare Large Pedestal Mahogany Classical Banquet Table, Boston, c.1820

Banquet tables are far rarer than dining room tables, as there are more parts that get lost over time, and generally fewer were ever made. This is a superb example with magnificent Cuban mahogany leaves, which are all of the solid.

The design of this table is very desirable, because it is economy perfected; note the closed position when the three solid leaves are removed. And, to make it even smaller, the ends of this table are hinged, reducing this banquet table to a width of 30 inches, which is amazing, considering the full length of the banquet table with all three leaves and the ends extended, amounts to 11feet, 2 inches.

This table is the best of the best.

Height: 28 in. Width: 54 in.
Length: 30 in. - 134 in. (11 feet, 2 inches) including three 26 in. leaves.

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