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A Grandiose Classical Painted and Stenciled Overmantel Mirror of Large Scale attributed to William Meeks, New York, c.1825

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This is a very large overmantel mirror that is practically in new condition.   Obviously, it hung on a wall and didn't get moved.  And if so, quite delicately.  This mirror descended through the Meeks family, finally to William Meeks, III.  The quality of the work and the stencil styling are typical of work coming out of the Meeks factory in New York.

This mirror is the best of its kind, of grand scale, and completely original in all respects, including glass.  The stenciling is brilliant and the rosewood vibrant throughout. 

Height: 34 1/4 in.  Width: 74 1/4 in. Depth: 2 1/2 in.