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A Classical Mahogany Sofa, with Eagles, probably New York, c.1805-15, Phyfe or Contemporary of Equal Rank

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This is the best of the classical sofa forms with eagles bigger than life. It is related in style to a sofa illustrated in Wendy Cooper's In Praise of America. We have not reupholstered this piece, as it retains much of its early horsehair foundation padding, which is best retained for the final user to reupholster. This model, with the eagles, is seen in Washington in the diplomatic reception rooms, et al. The carving is extremely fine. Note the stylistic development of the wings and carving of the feathers. The balance of the sofa is quite restrained with beautifully deep reeding from the tip of the arm throughout its front. The eagles are nicely balanced with strong winged paw feet. Of note is the distinctive scooped out knuckles which also appear on a worktable at the Metropolitan museum.

This sofa is in museum condition.

Height: 36 in. Length: 88 in. Depth: 25 in.
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