A Federal Sheraton Tall Post Bed with Acanthus Leafed foot posts, circle of Samuel McIntire, Salem, c.1820. ex. Descendants of Benjamin Swann, Woodstock, VT

We took this bed literally out of a house where it had always been in Woodstock, VT. The form of the bed exhibits a beautiful bulbous reeded column, which is offset by the leafage carving typical of Salem work. This is as clean an example of a Salem bed as it gets, with original headboard, et al. Note the grained paneling on the front posts, as well as the carved detail on the bottom of the posts. The rare posts have typical chamfering throughout; top and bottom. The surface was never refinished and we have waxed over it to bring out the mahogany. The bed has had no repairs or alterations, with the exception of the missing tester, which is an element generally lost and replaced.

Height: 81 in. Width: 58 in. Length: 77 in.
Mattress Size: 71 in. x 52 in - 58 in.

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