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A Caned Beechwood William and Mary Armchair with Scrolled Arms and Spanish Feet, England, c.1700

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Announcement!  This item will be available at auction from Neal Auction Company on January 26th, 2019.  Preview exhibition is currently underway.  Click here to see our listings at

Museum inventory numbers painted behind the seat frame imply that this chair is a museum deaccession and a number of good things, (and bad) have come to market. Although this is an English chair, it probably was brought over early on from England, and this probably is one of those that a family gave to a university and/or museum. While this chair has some repairs, it is one of the best examples of this type. The arms are fabulous and relate to a chair in Jack L. Lindsey, Worldly Goods: The Arts of Early Pennsylvania 1680-1758. Our English example has more elaborate stretchers than the simple unturned members of the American example. Also note how the rear stile in ours is turned, rather than molded, indicating an earlier style. Also, note the wonderfully developed crest on this chair, which relates to the simplified American version of a side chair produced in Boston. 

We have recently recaned this chair and tightened it up. 

Height: 48 1/2 in. Width: 22 in. Depth: 20 in.
Seat Height: 16 in. 
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