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A William & Mary Desk on Frame, hard pine, probably Southern, c.1690-1730, deaccessioned from Williams College

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This desk on frame is in fine condition, which is rare to see in a piece this old. It’s all there, with no alterations or changes. Of interest is the lock, which is original and a beautiful handmade piece. These are often long since gone, and the hinges are clearly the first, see close-ups. Often, these desks have the bottoms of their feet ended out. These are all there. The turnings on the frame are retrained and beautifully executed, while the very worn stretcher on the front of the desk showing its usage over time. The interior drawers are original and in perfect order.
Another William & Mary desk showing a similar frame is illustrated in Lockwood's Colonial Furniture in America. The reason we point out the museum deaccession with numbers, is that these pieces (acquired by colleges) often come from old families who bequest such to the institution, usually when family members would rather have the taxable charitable deduction and yet keep the piece in the safety of the college environ.

This desk is quite useful, in that it is somewhat of a stand-up desk to put things on the ledger strip and have the ability to quickly put things under the lid, for privacy. It makes for a great kitchen desk or office ancillary desk beside a writing table.

This desk is a rare survivor, in fabulous condition that has been cared for through the years and is of good size for utility.

Height: 35in. Width: 33 in. Depth: 24 1/2 in.

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