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A Carved Mahogany Card Table with Oversized Lyre, Philadelphia, c.1810

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This is a truly exceptional card table in many ways. The lyre is quite a bit larger than ordinarily seen and is developed, with respect to carving, a tad more than other examples: see our detailed images for the carving between rosettes in the lyre. The color of the mahogany is a very amber tone, and quite dry to the feel, as it is quite sharp in all its carved detail, all of which means it hasn’t been touched in many years, as it must have been understood by a knowledgeable owner.

It should also be noted the top boards are solid mahogany that have aged well through the years, i.e. minimal warping. For the color of the mahogany, see our image with leaves open. Also, of note, is the very sophisticated apron with no curves and built to a fine scale in a manner seen on many high style classical New York pieces.

Height: 30 in. Width: 36 in. Depth: 18 1/2 in.
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