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A Monumental Federal Giltwood Overmantle Mirror with a Wedgwood Blue and White Jasperware Plaque, possibly Philadelphia, c.1810-20

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This is the first mirror of its type we have owned, and for that matter, seen with its original Wedgwood panel, which is itself a fine work of art (see details below). This overmantle mirror has a commanding presence, and is related to an example illustrated in Edgar Miller's American Antiques, of slightly different proportions (more vertical than horizontal).
The subject of the Wedgwood tablet, 'An Offering to Peace', is after a design by Lady Elizabeth Templetown (1747-1823), the first female artist to be employed by Josiah Wedgwood. A tablet depicting this subject is discussed and illustrated in Robin Reilly, "Wedgwood Jasper," cl. pl. C 24."

Our mirror has its original glass and is in a perfect state of preservation, with its gilding reinvigorated to give the glowing gold color that it had when it was made.

This mirror is the best of the best and relates to a very exceptional mantelpiece offered by Francis J. Purcell, II, a dealer in mantlepieces of the highest order (see below for a scan of this ad). That mantelpiece has a large, central Welford mount, and related swags.

Height: 30 1/2 in.  Width: 72 in.
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