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NEW ORLEANS*** A George III Painted Satinwood Dressing Mirror, England, c.1800

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Announcement!  This item will be available at auction from Neal Auction Company on January 26th, 2019.  Preview exhibition is currently underway.  Click here to see our listings at

This is a large size dressing mirror, unquestionably early 19th century and of striking satinwood with painted floral decorations throughout. Because these are fragile forms, few have survived. This mirror, on the back of the frame has old ironwork supports. Obviously, it was precious enough to repair and to last. The shield form of the mirror is typical of Hepplewhite designs and often used as the back form of the Hepplewhite side chair.

Lastly, see The Best of Painted Furniture, Florence de Dampierre, for many painted pieces of this style, including the dressing cabinet shown below. Interestingly, this illustrated dressing table has been in the Victoria and Albert museum in London, since 1866. This form was popular throughout the 19th century and peaked at certain times within the century. While the illustrated piece was made probably in the mid 19th century and called by Florence Dampierre a "fake" of about 1862-1865, it is certainly not a "fake" in the derogatory sense that she uses it, and, the Victoria and Albert Museum certainly prized this piece as what it is, a masterpiece of Hepplewhite's design. Instead of using the derogatory term "fake" she should really state "somewhat later in the period, c.1850". Our mirror is unquestionably of the first period.

Height: 36 in. Width: 28 1/2 in. Depth: 11 in.
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