A Edwardian Satinwood Shieldback Painted Open Armchair, England, late 19th Century ex. Pebble Hill Plantation

This magnificent chair came to us from a collection assembled by The Pebble Beach Plantation. There are a number of pieces on our site from this collection, which you should additionally view.

 Satinwood has always been a most desirable wood, and used on some of the finest pieces of English 19th century Hepplewhite furniture. Additionally, the painting on this furniture style is truly exquisite, and as many point out, it's unfortunate that these painters did not sign their work, because the craftsmanship is spectacular. Note the subtle painting on the arms, the legs, and, of course, the shield. Note, in the center of the shield is a beautifully painted woman; this chair would certainly be a joy to live with, as form and craftsmanship are of the highest order. See a related painted chair below, illustrated in the Best of Painted Furniture, by Florence Dampierre.

This chair is in absolutely perfect condition. As in the attached Dampierre example a seat cushion would be appropriate.

Height: 36 3/4 in. Seat Height: 16 in. Width: 21 1/4 in. Depth: 17 in.

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