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A Set of Eight Curule Armchairs in the Phyfe Style, Ernest Hagen, c.1870

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Docket entry:
May 4, 2010
Had a lengthy conversation with Peter Kenny today.  He knows the set well, as he has had two from this set at his office and has studied them.  These 8 are from a set of 12 not including four upholstered bergeres.  The other 4 from this set of armchairs is owned by Dick Jeanerette.  Jeanerette has published a book on the ½ dozen or so mansions he has furnished and focuses on classical furniture particularly.  His collection is exemplary. 

Kenny feels these chairs are important, because they are early, and probably the work of Hagen, early in his career.  Hagen discovered Phyfe and felt his work was even better than Phyfe’s.  The chairs, who these were believed to be made for was Fredrick Bronson.  These are reputed to be the earliest of Hagen’s well-heeled clients in New York, for whom Hagen made furniture.  The Bronson Family goes way back and is an important New York family.  These were purchased directly by Stumpfig from the Family.  These chairs are in first surface and in magnificent condition.  While Kenny doesn’t rule out that these are late first period, the Hagen attribution is probably correct and more important.
See attached for profile, Richard Jeanerette

Height: 32 in.  Width: 21 in.
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