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A Classical Mahogany Settee, Providence, RI, Rawson Shop, c.1825

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It is rare to find a small Classical sofa or settee, which amazingly retains its early fabric. We have French polished the legs and added some gold leaf to where there was originally gold leaf in various parts of the legs. This is a very engaging little settee because it very delicately mirrors the classical form with unusually curved and sophisticated arms and has those amazing parcel gilt eagle feet that are very distinctive to the work coming out of the Rawson shop.  The work on this sofa is of the highest quality and mirrors the charming provincial character of high style classical produced in Providence.

This sofa, for many years, resided with a local collector/auctioneer: N. David Scotti. It is a true rarity and in magnificent condition.

Height: 35 in.
Depth: 25 in.
Length: 74 in.