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A Serpentine Rosewood Gaming Table, China, 19th century

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This gaming table is a relatively rare form and composed of all solid rosewood with beautiful dovetailing, and hand carving throughout. Note the cabinetry on the top apron of this table. The two wide solid boards that compose the top and their appropriate natural shrinkage are apparent and indicative of this table's age.   The sides of the apron are all of the solid, as is the whole table, with hand-shaped panels applied to serpentine sides. It retains all four of its small "chip drawers".

The legs are beautifully carved and curved of the solid, and a distinctive base provides this table a nice counterbalance to the top. Note, this table was made for moving, as the top comes detaches.

This table has a beautiful deep rosewood color. As the Rosewood used here is all of the solid, no veneers, it is quite heavy, and no doubt, has a future measured in centuries.

Height: 32 in. Width: 32 in. Depth: 32 in.