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The Eliza Sweet Wedding Sideboard, Newport,1804

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It is rare to find a piece with it's provenance attached in a meaningful way.  Here, under the slide, is a beautiful notation probably done in the 20s or 30s, concerning the families involved.  Note Jamestown being mentioned, Wickford, etc.  This piece certainly sets itself in time and place.   It is the Eliza Sweet Wedding sideboard.

From a design standpoint, this piece is a sideboard without sides as the shape of the case is defined by undulating curves with conforming doors that diminish in depth along the wall, making its serviceability a great asset.   As it is rather deep, relative to size, it can accommodate a very good spread that has easy access from the sides as well as the front.  Also, this sideboard is slightly smaller and takes up a little less wall space than most.   Looking at this piece, one sees a pull out tray--which conforms with the serpentine case form--flanked by the two middle legs.  Under the tray is a typed, partially legible family history.  Please see the additional images for detail.   From then on, it’s a series of curves. 

The mahogany is of striking ribbon grain, all of which has developed a lovely amber tone with great patina.   From what we have studied, the maker is most likely Holmes Weaver of Newport because he shows the exact silhouette in his advertising, and is the only maker known to do so.  However, there were, at this time, a small grouping of artisans in Newport that were constructing casepieces with related signature inlays as seen on the legs of this piece, i.e. Stephan and Daniel Goddard and Holmes Weaver among them.

There are no major alterations or repairs or breaks.  We have French polished this piece.

Height: 37 1/4 in.  Length: 66 1/2 in.  Depth: 25 in.
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