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A Grand Chippendale Mahogany Desk with Amphitheater Interior, Oxbow Front, and Claw and Ball Feet, Boston, c.1780

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This desk is composed of dark purple Cuban mahogany and is quite heavy.  Its drawers are oxbow in form, and are molded from solid mahogany logs.  The desk is supported by four magnificently carved claw and ball feet, and lend a heft to its countenance.  The brasses are heavily molded, and original, including its carrying handles.  And to top all of this off, it exhibits the amphitheater style interior, which is probably one of the most desired of all forms.  Note the close-up of the drawers and the edge moldings, and the shell, which is flanked by two vertical document drawers.  It is simply the best of its type and has no repairs or alterations.

A secretary of this Boston school is illustrated in the attached, that similarly shows an amphitheater interior.  However, note its simplistic drawer fronts as compared to the robust oxbow form, and the claw and ball feet compared to the simple bracket.  These are some of the things that differentiate the better from the best.

Height: 46 in. 
Width: 42 1/2
Depth: 21 1/2
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