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A Carved Mahogany Chippendale Game or Card Table, England, c.1780

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This card table has one of the most desirable of early Chippendale forms, with its beautiful turret corners, which, when open, are serviceably fitted for card games (see below). The small drawer, which is usually replaced and rebuilt, is absolutely original and in perfect condition (see detailed images). The case is supported by beautifully carved and delicate legs. Knee carvings are usually optional, cost more, and these knee carvings are quite unique in design. The claw and ball feet are of good size, shapely, and assertively executed.

This table has an old exterior surface, and the unfinished surfaces underneath show an absolutely consistent oxidized surface. We are very proud to own and offer this table.

The top of this table is composed of magnificently figured solid mahogany with a very old surface. When one runs one's hand across the top board, one can feel a shrinkage ripple similar to old glass; the wood was probably had very good age from the start.

Height: 28 1/4 in. Width: 32 1/2 in. Depth: 16 in. - 32 in.
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