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A Carved Mahogany Classical Center Table, Albany, NY c.1830-40, attributed to Amariah T. Prouty, from the George A. Cluett Collection

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This dramatic center table can just about fit into the category of fantasy furniture. It is exuberantly carved throughout by a master, Amariah T. Prouty. These belong among a small grouping of known works that share a singularly characteristic carved eagle head with exaggerated features, (i.e. the bulbous eyes and beak). Another Prouty example in Pembroke table form with related pedestal and feet can be found in our collection and the form is illustrated in Antiques Magazine, May 1973, (see scanned article). Also, the Rhode Island School of Design Museum exhibited in 1995 a worktable with the same carved foot.

This is the only center table we have seen by Prouty, and we have handled several of his other pieces through the years. For other examples in our collection, see sw00724 and sw00518. We feel these will be considered masterpieces of the American Classical form as developed outside the major cities of New York, Boston, and Philadelphia.

Height: 28 3/8 in. Diameter: 35 1/2 in - 36 in.
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