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A Set of Six Carved Walnut Queen Anne Side Chairs, England, last quarter, 19th century

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These chairs are of large scale and employ all of the high style decorative elements of the Queen Anne period. Just about every meaningful element of this chair is carved: from the central crest rail, the backsplat, and even small rosettes at the midpoint of the break in the curve of the real styles. The seat is the most desirable compass shape with shells carved on the seat frame as well as the knees. Note the punchwork on the upper crest rail, (see detail below), which is rarely found on any chair, because of the hand carving involved. If this were not enough, the front legs are beautifully carved with claw and ball feet, and beautifully terminated rear legs, all harkening to the later Chippendale style.

Carved elements aside, the walnut has, over time, turned a beautiful golden brown. Also, the form of these chairs with the beautiful raking rear legs and curved back are of the best form. These large scale chairs work beautifully as side chairs in a hall flanking a side table with a mirror above or around a living room and/or dining room. They are in excellent condition with no alterations or repairs. We have cleaned and French polished them and reupholstered the seats. They will make a dramatic statement in a formal room setting.

A set of related chairs by Gillows was auctioned by Chrisite's in October, 2008. Although the set at Christie's appears to be by the same maker, our six chairs are more strongly embellished, with carved shells on the knees and aprons above the knees of the front legs, and the finaly carved backsplats, in addition to punchwork and further carving above.

Height: 41 in. Width: 22 in. Depth: 21 in.
Seat Height: 19in.
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