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Catalog Number: sw00771

A Carved Cuban Mahogany Lowboy/Dressing Table with Shell and Claw & Ball Feet, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, c.1740

This Queen Anne lowboy (dressing table) is as clean and fine as it gets. It truly speaks of 1760 and earlier, possibly 1740. Unlike many Philadelphia lowboys, which are over the top as far as embellishments (carving) this piece is quite restrained and makes its individualistic statement with a diminutive dropped panel and beautifully carved shell. Many of these earlier lowboys do not have any appendage at all. It’s the usual one drawer over two. The table is composed of wonderfully dense Cuban mahogany that speaks of a worthy early piece. The top has a very large overhang indicative of its earliness, and beautifully stepped. All original pegs holding the top remain, exclusively. The cabinetmaker didn’t spare very much, including shell knees, fluted corners, and four tightly carved claw and ball feet. The condition is immaculate, and the surface old with additions of polish and wax throughout the years.

This table comes from an old time Pennsylvania family/collector (see Butt family notes below).

Last, but not least, are the brasses, which are original, and heavily cast.


Height: 27 3/4"
Width: 34"
Case Width: 27 3/4"
Depth: 20 1/2"

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