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A Carved Cuban Mahogany Lowboy/Dressing Table with Shell and Claw & Ball Feet, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, c.1740

This Queen Anne lowboy (dressing table) is as clean and fine as it gets. It truly speaks of 1760 and earlier, possibly 1740. Unlike many Philadelphia lowboys, which are over the top as far as embellishments (carving) this piece is quite restrained and makes its individualistic statement with a diminutive dropped panel and beautifully carved shell. Many of these earlier lowboys do not have any appendage at all. It's the usual one drawer over two. The table is composed of wonderfully dense Cuban...

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An Exceptionally Fine Carved Lyre Mahogany Window Seat, New York, Earnest Hagen, c.1885

As Peter Kenny, curator of American Furniture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, talks about in his recent book on Duncan Phyfe: without Hagen, we wouldn't know of Phyfe and his work.  It seems Hagen bought Phyfe's tools, etc. and continued to make Phyfe style furniture for the boutique clients in New York that already had Phyfe material and wanted to add to or repair.   No doubt, Hagen was a master.   Take a good look at the close-up of the carving on the crest doesn't get...

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A Magnificent Chippendale Mahogany Tilt-top Table, with Pie Crust Top, England, c.1780

Starting with the top, note the magnificent single board with beautiful striping.   The wood chosen was to show the beauty of mahogany and this piece certainly was well chosen.  Also note the desirable pie crust edging is not attached, but a feature all carved out of the same solid board.  Also, note the very strong stop-fluted column, with a lovely carved ring at the base of the shaft.  The carved knees are beautifully worked and quite large in size.  The paw feet are well done and...

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A Mahogany Chippendale Camelback Sofa with Bowed Seat and Spade Feet, New York, c.1800

This elegant sofa has fine stylized lines with a bowed seat making for a commodious and comfortable sofa.  The arms are carefully scrolled and restrained as is the arching of the back which complements the seat.  The legs are Hepplewhite in style with spade feet, which are reinforced with their original stretchers.  Note the nice arch to the rear legs, which form a continuous line with the upholstered back.  (See side view.)   The fabric that is on it is a silk, as we received it.  The...

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A Fine Queen Anne Walnut Parcel Gilt Mirror with Elaborately Scrolled Crest and Apron, ex. Joseph Kindig, Jr., probably Philadelphia, c.1760

This mirror is composed of beautifully aged walnut with an older surface and its original gilt embellishments.  The glass is original as is the backboard.    Kindig was a major dealer outside of Philadelphia, and has handled many of the great pieces that came out of Pennsylvania.   The mirror is in fine condition and certainly would grace any Queen Anne/Chippendale room with an aged gravitas that only a fine mirror can create. Height: 42 3/4 in. Width: 23 3/4 in. Depth: 1 1/3 in.

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Fine American Antiques in The Stanley Weiss Collection

Fine American Antiques in The Stanley Weiss Collection Not since Sack’s 1957 ten-volume compendium and seminal Fine Points of ...

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