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A Federal/Classical style Gilt Girandole in Bridal White Case, Elmer Stennes, Weymouth, MA, c.1970

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Elmer Stennes is no more, but his clocks are a legend, some of which were constructed in prison while serving a murder sentence.  The gilding on this clock is highly burnished and of the very best, as is the carving.   The reverse painting and the case itself are faithful classical renditions of the original.  Period Girandole clocks are extremely rare, and generally bring well over $100,000.  The white in the case is special, and is often referred to as the “Bridal Model”, which this is.  If one can’t own the original this is certainly the next best, and makes an extremely decorative presence.   There are no alterations or repairs.   The movement is the original (engraved “EASTMAN CLOCK COMPANY BOSTON”), as is the eagle finial, which is, interestingly, cast aluminum, and the only difference in material from the period examples.

Height: 44 in.  Width: 12 in.
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