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A Very Fine Classical Sideboard of Figured Carved Mahogany, New York, c.1820

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This sideboard is the finest of its type produced in New York during the first quarter of the 19th century.   It has many carved elements not seen on others, and a magnificent choice of striking ribbon mahogany.   Note the support columns that flank the drawers.  They are beautifully stop-fluted, with elaborate capitals.  Note the carved columns on the Phyfe sideboard illustrated at Cat. no. 786 in the Catalog of the 1929 Girl Scouts Loan Exhibition at the American Art Galleries in New York (image shown below) and compare the difference.  Also, note the central carving on the base apron flanked by the strongly carved legs.   Note the extra work involved in the doors with arched inlays that exceed the workmanship of the rather plain ones on the exhibition's example.   Further, note the brass gallery and the development of the backsplash, not to speak of the strong, 3-dimentional carved fleur de lis.  This is not your everyday classical New York sideboard.  This is one to ogle over and also study.

This sideboard is not very wide compared to many that were produced during this period.  It is a masterpiece, and certainly the best of its kind.   The condition is superlative, and we have French-polished the case.

Height: 55 1/2 in.  Serving Height: 44 1/2 in.
Depth: 25 3/4 in.  Length: 61 in.
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