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A Beautiful Pair of Walnut Queen Anne Side Chairs with Shell, Philadelphia, c.1740-60

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True pairs of these chairs are hard to find (as most pairs are assembled of similar--but not identical--seats).  Our pair are not only original to each other, but they also have no breaks or alterations.  They have the beautiful style that many consider the finest of American Queen Anne chair design.  They have a beautifully sculpted side profile (see below) and the balloon seat really puts this form in a class by itself.  Note the splat and its relationship to splats on the attached Sack Good, Better, Best page; our chairs are full and well-developed.   Levy Galleries illustrated a similar walnut side chair, which lacked the shell on the crest. (See below).

These chairs make a statement and are of the type found in the finest homes with Queen Anne furniture.   They have stocking feet and beautiful shells.  Some of these chairs have shells on the knees as well, and often in the six digit price category.  The seats have been reupholstered in a fine Vermont wool. 

Height: 41 in. Seat Height: 17 in.  Depth: 16 in. Width: 20 in.
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