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A Diminutive Chippendale Three-drawer Chest on Claw and Ball Feet, New York, c.1760

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Three drawer chests are not as common as those of four drawers and they often share a similarity regarding the height the chest is off the ground. These smaller chests seem to all have a great deal of “lift”. Note the attached example below showing a Newport chest exhibited at the Met, also of small size, and using the one-piece solid leg corner post structure. Also notice the way the end posts are mortised into the sides by pegs in both examples.

This small chest is not small at all in aspect. Like the best casepieces of New York, it is small and mighty.  With the greatly figured mahogany drawerfronts, and exceptionally defined New York claw and ball feet, this chest presents compactness and strength.  Of note is the apron; although subtle, the scrolling around a form of negative space is set off by two notched drops. Also the ends of the apron are voluptuously curved, and the shaping of the sides is also of note...the board, of course, is a solid slab of mahogany.

The brasses are original, and the piece itself is a rare form in the most desirable size.

Height: 31 in. Width: 33 in. Case Width: 31 1/2 in. Depth: 17 3/4 in.
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