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A Carved Mahogany Queen Anne Settee, England, third quarter, 19th century

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This settee has all the bells and whistles. Beautiful carved shells on the knees of each of the front three legs, and if that were not enough, carving on the pad foot. Further, if this were still not enough, there are shells in between the front legs on the seat rail, as well as on the crest rail of each seat. Lest we forget, there is carving on the top of each arm and at the edge of the backsplats.  And the carving is absolutely fantastic, making this settee definitely one of the best of the best. The mahogany has a beautiful mellow tone and the rear legs have that typical English splay to bottom of each leg. This piece is in absolutely fine condition, with no breaks or alterations whatsoever. It seems in England, many 18th century pieces were copied straight through the 19th century, as these forms were popular.

Height: 40 1/2 in.   Width: 52 3/4 in.  Depth: 24 1/2 in.